What are SVG files? Different between SVG, PNG, and JPEG.

SVG is a vector image format like many others. SVG stands for scalable vector graphics. You will find lots of different file formats like if you create a notepad file, its extension will be .txt which means it is a text file and other software that can read it will identify the file based on the extension.

In the graphics, there are lots of different formats available including the very popular PNG or JPEG. If there are already those files available then why they created SVG? SVG files are not bitmap graphics and this vector format is a scalable vector means if you change the size of the image like X50 it will still retain the clarity of each point and pixel. In the case of PNG or JPEG files, if you zoom too much it starts getting blurred as those are bitmap images and comes with some limits.

All the cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette machines support SVG files and it is the best format right now for clear cuts. You can create SVG files using some vector graphics software like adobe illustrator and other few available in the market.

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